Welcome to The K9 Collective Academy

Here at K9 Collective Academy, we train dogs and people for many different reasons. We train difficult dogs to obey reliably off-leash, find solutions for the most extreme behavioral problems, and train dogs for all types of law enforcement and advanced security needs. Rehabilitation for over-aggressive and fearful dogs is considered our specialty. If your dog is a drop out from another training program or too extreme for the recommended  behaviorist you are in the right place. Seeing is believing so we invite you to visit us any time to watch our furry students happily obeying to softly whispered commands around heavy distractions. We are here to prove that with proper knowledge, respect, and patience… no dog is untrainable.


Why choose K9 Collective Specialized Dog Training?

Over the years we have had countless clients who were not satisfied with the methods, knowledge, patience, honesty, professionalism, or results of their previous trainer or behaviorist. Many dogs labeled as “too set in their ways” or difficult become the pride of their owners after working with us. Our reputation of being the last resort for many dogs is the same reason why veterinarians and past clients just refer us first.